The taste is nothing short of outstanding, there are several great flavors coming to life in this jerky and the natural flavor of beef is certainly one of them... The beef used here is organic. That implies the cattle are ethically raised with no growth hormones or antibiotics. The cattle have 80% free range to graze on grass the way nature was intended. As a result, the highest ingredient rating that can be awarded is an Excellent (10/10) rating.




The name say’s it all: G.O.A.T.
— Tom Sullivan

Hands down best beef jerky and it’s actually healthier than any I’ve seen!
— Lyndsey Miller

We just cracked open our bags of beef jerky! Both the Original and Hot are very well flavored! Very nice people! We definitely will be back!
— Jessica Lowery

It is the best jerky I have ever eaten but don’t tell my son I said this, lol.
— Rick Staton


Met the owner today and had a great convo. Good fella! Scored a sample (thank you very much) of the Hot Beef Jerky... Flavor was on point and just the right combo of dry-but-chewy, lasting flavor, and spicy. Well done and love the branding!
— Landon House

Excellent flavor and quality cuts of beef; very well done G.O.A.T.!
— Casey Murchison

Stopped in to check the place out. Was amazed of the service and quality of their product. Definitely going back for stocking stuffers.
— Mike and Vicki Keener

Absolutely amazing beef jerky! The owners were extremely welcoming and gave us a free sample of the Hot. We were blown away by both the flavor and the texture. Will definitely be my go to jerky from here on out.
— Chris Phillips